What Does Methadone Do?

High doses of methadone can give off the feeling of “high”  just like other narcotics. It is advised that you follow your doctor’s exact Methadone prescription. Taking higher doses or in a more frequent manner than prescribed can lead to ad...

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What Is Methadone For?

  Navigation: If only you take Methadone as prescribed, the drug can actually be safe and effective. If you just follow your doctor’s prescribed dose of methadone, it won’t be able to trigger a euphoric effect.   You should know by now t...

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Can You Smoke Methadone?

  Navigation: Methadone users who snort the drug may report a faster delivery time to the brain. Methadone is not effective if you wanted to take a drug to get high. There’s a reason why narcotic pain medications are being prescribed through the or...

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Does Methadone Block Opiates?

  Navigation: However, there are sources that suggest otherwise. MMT for the treatment of opiate addiction Methadone binds itself to opiate receptor sites in the brain, occupying them so that other opiates cannot attach themselves. In turn, users won...

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