How is Cocaine Made?

  Navigation: Cocaine From the Coca Planet Extraction Through Solvent Acid Extraction Street Cocaine   Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs these days. Once an individual begins taking cocaine, it has already been proven to be tremendously...

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What Is Cocaine Made Of?

Cocaine is made from coca plant’s leaves, a plant largely cultivated in the soils of South America. To make cocaine, coca leaves are mixed with a variety of chemicals such as kerosene, cement, sulfuric acid, and caustic soda. These chemicals are boiled ...

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Can You Smoke Cocaine?

  Navigation: Yes Cocaine Can Be Smoked- Freebase Cocaine is an addictive and high-risk drug. When a person smokes cocaine, the tendency is for the drug high to be achieved more quickly.   Cocaine has been deemed an illicit drug, which has cause...

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How To Cook Cocaine?

  Navigation: Cocaine was banned in 1914 by the Harrison Act and in 1922 by the Jones-Miller Act. Coca cultivation has already declined by 40% between the peak years of 2000-2014. The world’s largest market for cocaine remains to be North Ameri...

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Cocaine Addiction

  Navigation: Some of the popular street names of cocaine Facts about Drug Abuse How is the drug abused? What causes addiction? What are the signs and symptoms of addiction? Side effects of Drug Use Long-Term Signs  

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Cure for cocaine addiction in reach, say scientists

Cocaine is a powerful drug to the point of greatly affecting the life of a person. Worse is, it has been the culprit for so many deaths and crime. It is also considered as a major problem in many countries that they try to find the best solution to solve ...

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