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Non-Alcoholic Champagne Is A Big No For Recovering Alcoholics




Not all who drink alcohol can be called an alcoholic. Sure, we all know of people who drink socially and occasionally, but not out of habit. On the contrary, those whose drinking becomes a problem affecting their job or their family responsibilities may be referred to as alcoholics as the abuse of alcoholic beverages are often characterized by these effects.

People who have developed a physical dependence on alcohol are alcoholics.

If you are the one struggling with alcoholism, you could be craving for alcohol and need it just as you would your daily food. Drinking could develop gradually until you become physically tolerant to the substance. Once this occurs, you may be pushed to drinking more just to reach the same effects you had the first time you experienced it.

When you decide to stop your alcohol consumption, you could feel withdrawal symptoms physically.

These signs and symptoms may include nausea, sweating, anxiety, and at times delirium. You can move past these symptoms if you choose to stop immediately and head onto your pathway towards recovery.

If you are an alcoholic, you wouldn’t be using alcohol the way non-alcoholics do.

You will not be showing the same response to alcohol whenever you are offered your first drink. Instead of having the ability to stop after your first drink, most alcoholics are compelled to go on. Oftentimes referred to as problematic drinking, the best way to avoid it is never attempting to have a drink again. Remember, when you are an alcoholic, it is not the amount you drink anymore because even a single drink can ruin your sobriety.

After staying sober for some time, it could appear as if it would be ok to socially drink once more.

You are thinking maybe, you could not be harmed by a glass of non-alcoholic champagne, while you are having dinner or watching a football game. If you are suffering from alcoholism, it is just that your first drink could as well lead to a second, third, fourth drink, and your problem with drinking will just relapse.

It is an unsafe choice to reach out for a drink, once more as this will just throw you back at the first level of the sobriety treatment. A lot of alcoholics, when they have a drink after reaching sobriety, find that they have only ignited cravings to drink once again and worse, in excess. Alcoholism is characterized by the mental obsession to have a drink, which means that by just attempting to socially drink sometime is not all worth it.

It will not matter what your first alcoholic drink after sobriety is because there is not a single drink better than the rest.

Just a glass of wine, a beer, or a shot of liquor may act like a strong trigger throwing you back into a relapse. Aside from being unsafe, it can actually reignite your compulsion to consume again and restart the old and damaging habits you had.

Remember the old saying, prevention is better than cure. Always be reminded of how long, how difficult, and how painful it took to reach sobriety so do not just throw it all away in one drink.

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