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How Do You Shoot Up Fentanyl Patches?




It is vital information for you to know that transdermal patch Fentanyl in its gel form, such as in the original Duragesic, must never be injected in the body whether it is IM, IV, or SC (skin-popping).

  • The gel in Fentanyl most likely contains an inconsistent level of the substance by volume.
  • If the amount of gel volume is consistent, the substance can still be too difficult to equally divide or measure in a single dose should you lack the right equipment.
  • Gel forms of the substance can include potentially harmful agents that should not be injected as this gel is also alcohol-based.

Note that this is not like the film matrix form of the drug. In its form of a paper thin strip, this is designed in a way that the drug may be released consistently within the surface area only. With correct non-medical dose, measuring of the drug can be done by dividing this strip using scissors or any sharp instrument.

The non-clinical injection of this substance is in itself a very bad idea.

Even for people who are highly tolerant on the drug, the majority of the addicted individuals do not know that the least dangerous way to take Fentanyl is to swallow the substance orally as it can be extensively metabolized in this route. Since its bioavailability is around the 20 percent range, some see this as wasteful. However, sticking around for more Fentanyl can take precedence over cost effectiveness. Remember, one 100 micrograms/hour patch has 10 mg of Fentanyl.

Taken orally, only around 2 mg can already make its way to the brain. That amount of Fentanyl is approximately equivalent to 500mg of morphine orally taken. Without a doubt, this could be a lethal dose for a user who is non-tolerant as it can kill 5 times over. This could also be a lethal dose for addicts.

Taking that 100ug/hour MATRIX (strip) Patch and dividing it evenly into 10 units to start, one unit would contain 1 mg of Fentanyl. You can further divide a unit by fourths to make doses of 250ug or preferably up to 125ug. This may allow for a safer intravenous dose for users that are low-tolerant. Take note that this is already equivalent to roughly 12.5mg of morphine intravenously administered. Dividing into 125ug dosing units, one 100ug/hour patch allows 40 strong injected doses of Fentanyl.

Self-injecting can be very dangerous and lethal to those who attempt it.

The data only provides semi-detailed info to provide guidance and reduce harm for those who mindlessly opt for this route. It is, therefore, wise to note that a number of drug-related overdose deaths in the country have Fentanyl to blame for. If you think you really need to use Fentanyl, it is wise to first get a prescription from a doctor.

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