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How To Apply A Fentanyl Patch




Fentanyl is a drug that can be extremely dangerous when applied wrongly on an individual. At least five cases have been reported that involves the wrong application of the drug.

  • Fentanyl comes in various forms; one among them is the transdermal skin patch which is applied externally.
  • To know the exact portion of the application, an individual must ask for a licensed medical professional’s consultation.
  • Since the drug causes addiction when abused, a valid prescription must always be sought for. Fentanyl also comes in the form of an injectable intravenous. However, unlike the skin patch, the needle has to be inserted at the right place.
  • Consultations must be requested, prescriptions must be sought for, and proper instructions must be obediently followed.

Cases that Show wrong application and exceeding dosage than prescribed are extremely fatal.

  • One was a 35-year-old male who died at home. The dead body was found by his own wife. The man did not have any history of drug abuse and addiction. However, his life had abruptly ended with the wrong dosage of Fentanyl.
  • A 38-year-old individual who used Fentanyl for unknown reasons. The family claimed that this individual had a history of drug abuse, but was at that time being treated.
  • A 42-year-old individual used it to end her life. The act of committing suicide is should never be an option regardless of how bad the situation is.If the individual needs help, a professional help should be sought for.
  • The last case was someone who was found by the mother who discovered a needle and a tube with Fentanyl.

While this drug performs as an analgesic, it should not be made as a tool for addiction, abuse, and suicide.

Using this for the wrong reasons may lead to sedation, euphoria, respiratory depression, and death on high doses. It can be used to treat painful sensations, since it is originally designed as an opiate to relieve chronic pain. However, once concentration exceeds, it can lead to disastrous effects on one’s health.

When the drug has effectively relieved them from pain, other life srtuggles’  almost immediately will depend on them taking the drug for some relief. However, with the cases mentioned, it is never a good idea to abuse it whatever is the purpose. Particularly for first time users, in the similar manner with the first case, consultations must be sought first and foremost.

It would also be vital to remove the tool that serves as the drug’s vessel the moment the necessary dosage has been reached. It takes time to complete the dosage, but when it is overdosed, the drug can be detrimental to one’s health. An example would be the span of time the transdermal skin patch has stayed on the external portion where it is attached. When it exceeds the necessary span of time, it eventually becomes toxic.

It would not hurt to find alternative drugs for pain. Ask for those that are less likely to lead to harmful effects that Fentanyl brings.

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