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How Is Cocaine Made?




Most people who have knowledge about cocaine may think that it is extremely easy to create some. The actual fact that its primary ingredient is a plant may also trick users into thinking that it is fine to try it since it is “natural.” However, the method of making this illegal drug may prompt you to think otherwise.

  • Cocaine consumption is extremely habit-forming.
  • Though is it generally used in the medical setting, most derivatives of this drug are used illegally.
  • It comes in a white, powder and is snorted by users.
  • Cocaine is often synthesized into the crack, a rock-like drug that is smoke-dried by users.
  • Cocaine is stimulant made of coca plants, a plant native to South America.

How To Make Cocaine?

To make the drug cocaine, the leaves of coca are soaked in water combined with lime to unharness its alkaloids. Then, either fuel or diesel solvents is added to the mixture to recover alkaloids. It is then dried to create a paste.

Chemicals like ether and sulfuric acid are then incorporated into the paste to achieve a certain level of purity and make it a solid compound. It takes a hundred to a hundred and fifty kilograms of dry leaves to create a kilo of cocaine paste. While this method appears simple to execute, it is still the same process that laboratories follow in producing tons each day.

Cocaine Distribution

The needed ingredients to create cocaine on the streets can be readily available in stores. Since there are no implemented laws on the production of illicit drugs, it continues to happen. By the time cocaine reaches the streets of the Unites States, it has now become a well refined white powder. The shocking number of users and the continuous consumption of this drug amidst health risks confuse authorities.

Becoming aware of the process of production may encourage people to decline the experience.  Having no knowledge about what makes up illegal substances is one of the clear reasons why people still consume them. Consumers, more than anything else, have to learn that the ingredients are not suited for human consumption. Aside from this fact, dealers through the years have added unknown lethal substances to further the potency of their product.

How To Avoid Using Cocaine?

Everyone is aware of it, including its deadly effects. A person who has tried cocaine or heroin for the first time discovers that it is no different from drinking analgesics, it takes away the pain. However, cocaine creates cravings that are almost impossible to resist, leading to increased dosages every time. Becoming aware of its potential effects on health could encourage potential users to re-examine their purpose before planning to consume the drug. Learning about what goes into the mixture to create such pain alleviating effects will educate the individual that consuming it further is risky.

Using the awareness tactics may be an effective approach to hinder possible addiction. The slogans “Don’t ingest or you’ll die” is not working well anymore. Showing people how it is made and what chemicals are put into it maybe the real eye opener.

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