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Faith Based Addiction Treatment

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Faith Based Addiction Treatment. Finding The Right Scripture Based Programs For Recovery.

As a follower of Jesus, we all know that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We also know that as far as the east is from the west, so has God removed our sins from us. Often we are are own worst enemy. The guilt we bear is often strangling.

Well, good news! The good news of Jesus, that he came to set you free in the afterlife, also applies to your life on earth. “I have come that they may have life” is not a declaration for heaven. It’s a declaration that Jesus wants you to thrive and build his kingdom on earth.

So, it’s time to pursue your sobriety with everything you have. When you realize that you, in your own power are useless to preventing a relapse, and you lean on God’s power- then my friend you are truly empowered.

Faith based addiction programs help you walk through what the Bible has to say about addiction and how you can over come the powers of this world. Not all treatment centers are created equal, when it comes to your recovery process from a biblical perspective. Substance abuse treatment programs will help you discover the underlying issues behind the addiction. Basically it works like this, there is a God shaped hole in all of us and some of us, food, some use drugs and alcohol to fill that hole.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment With Jesus At The Center

What we all need to realize is that in alcohol rehab and drug rehab your treatment options are unlimited. However you should consider christian addiction counselling because until you fill that God shaped hole, with God, you will continue to fall back into the temptations that come with being addicted.

When drugs, whether illicit or presecription and drinking have taken control of your life, or the life of a loved one, God promises the strength to stand up under it. We believe in the saying, “There can be no TESTIMONY, without the TEST.” Meaning, that until you have struggled and come out the other side, you cannot testify fully the the grace of God which transcends all understanding. Struggles appear in all shapes and forms, not just addiction.

Individuals of just about every background have discovered that they need addiction help with a faith-centered Christian drug and alcohol detox and rehab program. Rehab Near Me helps pair you or your loved one with a center who has a specific Christian based based curriculum, for treating drug and alcohol dependency.

Christian treatment centers understand that- every single person can get and stay sober. It does not matter how long they have been addicted or how gone society says they are. Because the good shepherd will leave the 99 in search of the one. Every single person deserves a chance to a clean start. That clean start comes with understanding your treatment options. Substance abuse treatment and faithbased treatment is available. Your recovery process will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

Christian Drug Rehab

When you or someone you care about is struggling with drug addiction, you know the pain and agony that the individual and the people that care about them go through. Let’s be clear, we do not condone the consumption of drugs. However, we are here to love the sinner and treat the root causes of the sin. Let’s dive deep into what caused the addiction so that together we can make sure that you never go back to that place again.

At Rehab Near Me, we have faith that God can overcome the weight of the world. Just because you are struggling with addiction now, does not mean you are destined to live and die and addict. We believe in hope. We believe in amazing. When you have seen as many lives changed by the power of working the process, as well as prayer- we know, not just believe in miracles- because they walk among us.

Christian Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism can be be very hard to pinpoint and verify. Statistically, a large percentage of the adult population consumes alcohol. Society accepts is as a normal facit of life. Thus, its harder to pin point abuse, then say when someone is doing cocaine.

By the time an its self evident, addiction has set in. Christian alcohol treatment dives head first into why the addiction started. Go deep or go home. That’s our motto.
From that basis, the addict is walked , one step at a time, to come to grips with the fall out that their life of addiction has caused. An alcoholic needs to accept responsibility for their own actions and stop making excuses. Owning up to the fact that their actions affected people around them, and the addict also needs to forgive themselves. Step out of the darkness into the light, and don’t ever look back.

Is Faith-Based Rehab Right For You?

A bible-based approach to rehab is for everyone looking for a support system centered on the ROCK. This form of rehab has benefited individuals from of all different walks of life. This approach focuses not on religion, but on a relationship with Jesus. Relationship > Religion

For those that grew up in the church, this program will resonate really well with you. You will find people who have a similar mindset and who like you have experienced the boundless forgiveness and love of Jesus. We are all prodigal sons and daughters.


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What Does Faith-Based Treatment Look Like?

Our centers work with people individually and in a group setting to analyze their spiritual, psychological and mental needs, while creating a unique faith based recovery program for everyone.

How Does Christian Rehab Work?

People in recovery often speak of self loathing, condemnation and guilt that they feel on a daily basis. This is often still going on when they check into rehab, but it also is often part of what caused the addiction in the first place. No one wants to hear in their mind 24-7 that they are worthless, and vile and disgusting. They just want to numb the pain. Often that numbness comes with a price. When we try and fill the God shaped hole inside of all of us, with things that are not Jesus, we fill our selves up with things that (like when we eat too much candy and not enough vegetables) will make us sick.

Most people opt for inpatient program (where you live and stay and are surrounded by people with the same goals), others however opt for an outpatient program with the aim of being able to still go to work. If you or a loved one needs dual diagnosis treatment (drugs and alcohol) then residential treatment or an inpatient recovery center is probably in your best interest. Higher success rates come from being inundated with people pursuing a positive mental health state.

Reaching out for help is hard. Fear not, this is a judgement free zone.
If you are feeling like you are drowning- this is your life line. You are not not alone. Let me repeat that. You are not alone. All across your home town, your state and across the US, are people just like you who are looking for an identity. That are looking for meaning. People that are looking for peace. These people just like you, are sick of filling that God shaped hole with drugs and alcohol.

The Road of Faith-Based Recovery

Being in recovery is not just a statement, its a state of mine. You need to understand that you must be ever on guard against temptations and guard you heart and mind. That may sound taxing, but with the support of your local church, and a Bible based treatment program, this can be a journey that you can enjoy and even reach out and help others.

At Rehab Near Me, we want you to find the life that you are dreaming of. A life that is free from the bondage of sin. Don’t stop and wait. Pick up the phone and call to speak to one of our experts.

Call 855 339 1112 and speak to someone on our addiction helpline today.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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