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Alcoholic Fermentation: Is Kombucha’s Minute Alcohol Content Bad For Recovering Alcoholics?




Members of the community of recovering alcoholics may find the Kombucha drink a present threat to their efforts to reach sobriety. It is a fact that this probiotic drink actually has traces of alcohol within as it is fermented.

  • Over the past few years, Kombucha has been gaining popularity as a health miracle.
  • A probiotic drink, Kombucha is derived from fermented mushrooms.
  • A lot of people drink Kombucha regularly as part of their regimen for health as it is known to aid digestion and can also help in achieving healthy skin and alleviating headaches.

Kombucha only has small amounts of alcohol.

As such, the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau determined that the Kombucha drink may be sold as well as taxed just like non-alcoholic drinks because a standard bottle of Kombucha sold commercially only has .5 percent of alcohol. By comparison, the alcoholic content of light beer is around 3.5 percent.

In Kombucha, alcohol is included as a part of the fermenting process. Fermentation usually happens when the bacterial substance becomes fermented with the whole process lasting up to 30 days. Thus, the longer the prebiotic tea is fermented, the less sugary it becomes and Kombucha takes on the taste of vinegar.

It is usually perceived as a bad idea for a recovering alcoholic to make use of Kombucha

For the person who has grown an addiction to alcohol, even small amounts of the substance may prove a major threat impeding their sobriety. Truth is that addiction could be a very overpowering disease. As it turns out, a bit of taste of Kombucha to an alcoholic may trigger a relapse.

Your brain has become accustomed to looking for and making use of alcohol even if it means scavenging your body for little trace amounts of the substance. This goes to show that even minute amount of the alcoholic beverage can serve as a reminder to your brain of how much it craves for the substance. This is also seen as the most likely reason why recovering alcoholics are generally advised not to consume drinks like the non-alcoholic beer which still contains little amounts of alcohol.

A few years back, kombucha’s alcohol content did not really create a buzz.

Kombucha was casually sold to minors and recovering alcoholics did not know the alcoholic content in it. Later the drink’s alcohol content was brought into the spotlight when famous actress Lindsay Lohan was told she had failed an alcohol test. It was later revealed that Lohan drank Kombucha previous to the test.

In the meantime, popular healthy food store called Whole Foods continues to sell Kombucha until the final investigation is made of its alcohol content. When news spread of the drink’s alcohol content, a maker of a popular Kombucha drink – Synergy – started selling two kinds of the drink. The one with the black cap is the traditional one, while another type of Kombucha is alcohol-free and is sold to minors as well as recovering alcoholics.

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