The drug amobarbital is considered as a barbiturate and first discovered in Germany in 1923. Doctors commonly give the drug to patients as a prescription medication. Amobarbital affects the central nervous system and slows down brain activity. The drug is used to regulate seizures, relax sore muscles, relieve pain and reduce stress.

Doctors use the drug as anesthetic in very high doses. This method is very common in preparation for surgical procedures. When injected in the veins, the patient loses all sensation in their body within seconds. However, the drug does not cure seizures; it can only control them from happening regularly. Epileptic patients who suffer from severe seizures regularly take the drug.


  • A daily dose of 500 milligram of amobarbital can cause dependence.
  • Official use the drug to treat soldiers of “shell shock” during World War II but it decreases the soldier’s ability in battle.
  • Taking the drug while pregnant increases the chance of birth defects.
  • 1 out of 10 people who suffers drug overdose from barbiturates will end up dying.
  • Around 9% of high school students misuse barbiturates during their lifetime.
  • The FDA labeled the drug as a Schedule II under Controlled Substances Act. This means that amobarbital contains a high potential for abuse and dependence.


Doctors use the drug to induce sleep for patients that needs an operation. Also, medical professional give amobarbital before anesthesia during surgery. It reduces the level of rapid eye movement and usually ends its effectiveness within two weeks. The drug can also cause respiratory depression and should not use on people with sleep apnea or breathing problems. In