What Is A Fentanyl Patch?

Fentanyl, as one of the strongest opiate drugs in the market, is a type of medication that offers a long-lasting effect. The regular use of Fentanyl is often prescribed for the recovery of a patient post-surgery and when suffering from temporary pain whil...

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What is Hydrocodone?

  Navigation: History of Hydrocodone Why is It Made of? How is It Abused? Signs and symptoms Mild Side Effects of the Drug Severe Side Effects of of the Drug Detoxification Rehabilitation   The semi-synthetic drug, hydrocodone is produced from c...

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Is Binge Drinking A Sign Of Early Alcoholism?

Can Weekend Binge Drinking Be A Precursor To Alcoholism? Drinking during your weekend break does not automatically imply that you have a trouble with alcohol. However, if you are in the case of binge alcohol consumption, it is time to reevaluate yourself....

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How To Stay Sober During Weekends

Are you thinking of sober activities to do because the weekend is once again here? Don’t get wasted. It is possible to stay sober. But you must win before you begin. What that means is have a plan for success instead of going with the flow. Because goin...

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Drug Related Deaths On The Rise In Conneaut Ohio

Multi-drug overdoses were the sixth leading cause of death in Conneaut, Ohio last year, with the number of cases soaring compared to 2015. According to the annual mortality report by the Conneaut Health Department, 2016 saw eight fatal cases of drug overd...

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