Rehab offers extra support during fight for sobriety

As the number of addiction treatment programs keeps increasing with the goal of helping people to escape addiction and start a new life, so is the number of drug users. This reality makes it more difficult to solve the problem in drugs. Around the world, ...

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What You Need to Know About Drug Use and Addiction

  Navigation: The Biggest Misconception What is Drug Addiction? How Does Addiction Treatment Work?   Addiction, opioid epidemic, drug abuse—we hear about these things so often, but we still don’t really understand what they mean. It’s hard...

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4,000 Women Among 70 Thousand Drug Addicts In Kashmir

It can be observed that drug addiction has become so big and serious as a problem that almost every country in the world tries to solve. Putting an end to it has been very challenging. One reason is the number of drug-addicted individuals that keeps on in...

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